Online Portrait Watercolor Class

The first session is on Wednesday, October 19th, 2022
The final session is on Wednesday, November 30th, 2022
(Skip November 23, which is near a holiday).

During the six sessions we will paint two paintings, one with my subject and one with your subject.  You will paint your subject during the time between sessions.  Each new session will begin with you sharing the painting of your subject.

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How The Zoom Classes Work:

Starts with me providing short lessons and demonstration on techniques.

You paint, share your progress, and I provide feedback with constructive critique.

  • Each of the six sessions are conducted online with Zoom.  Easy to use.  Students need a laptop or computer with a camera

  • I provide several mini lessons during each session.

  • I demonstrate each lesson with a live demonstration.

  • You paint following the lesson

  • You share your painting progress through your camera.

  • I provide you a soft critique with ideas and suggestions

  • All sessions are highly interactive to assure progress in your learning.

  • I provide constructive and frequent feedback

  • Each session is recorded and made available to you for playback

  • Great camaraderie among students

  • Not for beginners

Costs for all six sessions is $125. Click the tab below to register. 
A list of suggested materials is listed below.
The reference photo we will be using is below.  I have permission to use this photo for this class.  Please do not use it outside the online class.  That would break the copyright agreement.
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Those in my current WC class, register here: