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Artist Statement:

I am primarily a portrait artist who paints with watercolors.  I find the variety in the human face, with so many expressions, varying emotions, offers great challenges.   These challenges have given me a continual thirst for learning for how to master them and teach other artists in my watercolor classes and workshops.

I am a Signature member of the Florida Watercolor Society, Georgia Watercolor Society and Pittsburgh Watercolor Society.



An International Watercolor Platform. The Platform is a Worldwide Watercolor Directory. A common project being developed by the contemporary watercolor community around the world. A meeting place for the international watercolor community. 

The 2022 annual exhibition, held in Bologna, Italy, with watercolor painting entries from all over the globe made this showing a watercolor world event. I was fortunate to be included.  

Click below to review the catalog.

Final of Robert.jpg
Cameras 1 Malone 2022.jpg
To go Order from Aunt Bees.jpg
Rackelman Garden Guitaring (2).JPG
DSC_0039 (2).JPG
Bench guy final painting.jpg
Scott (2).jpg
Two ladies.jpg
Nate 2.JPG
_DSC0068 (2).JPG

New Online Portrait Watercolor Classes begin January 10th.

Six consecutive class will be offered online through Zoom. Zoom is a simple program that requires a computer, laptop, iPad or smartphone with a camera.  You just click a link, and you enter the online class. I switch through three cameras to broadcast the class.  You see me and I can see you and your art through your camera.  Highly interactive. Works great!

Jan 10 2022 subject.jpg

Each class session will cover techniques and practice for painting a portrait from a reference photo (left). You will also paint a portrait from a reference photo of your choosing. The entire portrait painting process will be taught from beginning to end, beginning with the reference photo and drawing it on the watercolor paper using a projector.

Each session in the six weeks will begin at 10:00 am and conclude at noon January 10 through February 15, 2023.

Materials needed:

Paint colors needed are, ultramarine blue, Winsor blue – blue shade (or cobalt blue), lemon yellow (or cadmium  yellow), quinacridone(or alizarin crimson, magenta,  sap green, cadmium red (or Winsor red), burnt sienna, burnt umber, Opera rose (or rose madder),  Indian yellow, and yellow ochre.

Tape or staple 11” x 14”  watercolor paper to a stiff board or ½” thick gator board. Use cold press watercolor paper 140 # or thicker. Have a few extra sheets of WC paper for class instructions and practice. My preferred brands are Arches and Fabriano Artistico.

Have various brush sizes ready, starting with a no. 2 and up to 12. You could utilize a ½”, a 1” brush and a “scrub brush. Amazon has Fuumuui 9pc value set for $19.00 which includes #0 to #14 and flats. I prefer Kolinsky or squirrel hair.

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