Stretcher, framing system and "Fast Frame" for Quarter sheet size paper (15" x 11")

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I created a reusable system for stretching watercolor paper, so it stays flat, wrinkle-free, while painting. The small ridge in the paper created by the stretcher makes mounting your painting fast and easy without using tape or adhesive. You could paint, mount, and frame your painting and have it ready for an art show in one day! Most art shows require the use of plexiglass. However, plexiglass scratches easily and must be replaced over time. My system uses a thin sheet of plexiglass so replacing is cheaper.

You can avoid using the expensive 300 lbs. paper to control buckling. With this stretcher you can use the cheaper 90 lbs. archival paper (a full sheet of Arches Hot Press 300 lbs. is about $17, and a full sheet 90 lbs. is about $5).

Use it repeatedly. Since tape or adhesives are not used, there is no damage done to the mounting material and mat.

If you ship your art for entering shows, you will save some money on this system. All materials are high quality, durable but much lighter in weight, thus making shipping costs cheaper.

You are purchasing a quarter-sheet size stretcher and all the components to prepare and mount your painting, so it is ready for framing. The frame is not included in this package.

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