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Client Commission Portraits

I normally produce watercolor painting that are 14 inches by 21 inches in size.  This represents a "half sheet" of watercolor paper.  I can do full and quarter sheet paintings.

I charge based on the amount of time I spend preparing and painting the subject.  The size of the painting and complexity of the subject matter determine the time.  Complexity can increase by having more than one person in the painting.

Portrait Costs

Most of my portraits cost my clients between $600 and $2,000.  I use the best paint and paper which is non-acidic and will outlast most oil paintings currently being produced.  I use Winsor Newton Professional Watercolors and Arches Hot Press papers.  I do not provide frames.

Reference Photos

I do not use client-provided reference photos.  I take the photos of the subject in a thirty minute photo shoot.  This give s me an opportunity to meet the subject and observe expressions and mannerisms.  I usually end up with 100 to 250 digital photos capturing various poses.  I choose the top ten and have the client choose the top three from my ten.  I then choose one of the three as my primary reference.



What I paint is not a photograph.  It is my creative interpretation of what I observe.  If you are wanting a painting which is a perfect reflection of the person, I suggest you have a photograph taken and enlarged.

I am usually working with a backlog of commissioned pieces.  Normally it take 7 to 14 days to complete the painting after the photos have been taken.


After we agree on the subject, size and other details, 50% of the cost is due. It is non-refundable.  At this point I schedule the photo shoot and prepare for painting.  After the painting is complete, the balance is due.  You will then receive a wonderful portrait painting.

I accept credit cards and PayPal.  Cash received a 10% discount (I do not have to pay for processing).

Contact Me

Click the "Contact Me" tab for my contact information.  You can also send me a message from this tab.  If you are ready to purchase a portrait, it is better to call me by phone.

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